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The VE.Bus BMS V2 is an advanced battery management system from Victron Energy, designed to ensure the optimal and safe operation of Victron lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO₄) batteries. This upgraded version offers enhanced features and functionalities, ensuring that the batteries operate within their safe parameters. By preventing over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-temperature conditions, the VE.Bus BMS V2 plays a crucial role in maximizing the lifespan and performance of Victron's LiFePO₄ batteries.


  • Battery Protection: Protects the battery from potential damage due to over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-temperature.
  • VE.Bus Communication: Facilitates seamless communication with other Victron devices.
  • Remote Monitoring: Compatible with the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, allowing users to monitor battery status and performance.
  • LED Indicators: Provides visual feedback on battery status and potential fault conditions.
  • Relay Control: Manages the relay to disconnect or reconnect loads and chargers.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensures the battery bank is not overcharged or excessively discharged, preventing potential hazards.
  • Easy Integration: Designed to work harmoniously with Victron MultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers, solar chargers, and other devices.
  • Operating voltage range: 9 - 70 VDC
  • Current consumption: 12 mA
  • Over-voltage disconnect: 15 V - 67.8 V (adjustable)
  • Over-voltage reconnect: 14 V - 66.8 V (adjustable)
  • Under-voltage disconnect: 9.3 V - 49.3 V (adjustable)
  • Under-voltage reconnect: 10 V - 50 V (adjustable)
  • Over-temperature disconnect: 50°C - 70°C (adjustable)
  • Over-temperature reconnect: 40°C - 60°C (adjustable)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
  • Protection category: IP20
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 40 x 120 x 65 mm
  • Dimensions: 40 x 120 x 65 mm

This product comes with a 5-year warranty.