Temperature sensor for BMV-702/712

Temperature sensor for BMV-702/712

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The Temperature Sensor for BMV-702/712 is a dedicated accessory designed to work seamlessly with Victron Energy's BMV-702 and BMV-712 battery monitors. This sensor allows for accurate temperature monitoring, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity by adjusting the charge parameters based on the battery's temperature.


  • Designed specifically for Victron Energy's BMV-702 and BMV-712 battery monitors.
  • Provides accurate temperature readings to optimize battery charging.
  • Enhances battery performance and extends its lifespan.
  • Ensures safe and efficient battery operation by preventing overcharging due to temperature variations.
  • Compatibility: BMV-702 and BMV-712 battery monitors by Victron Energy.
  • Function: Monitors battery temperature and adjusts charge parameters accordingly.

The temperature sensor is essential for applications where the battery's environment can experience temperature fluctuations. By monitoring the temperature, the BMV battery monitors can adjust the charge parameters, ensuring the battery is neither overcharged nor undercharged due to temperature variations.

This product comes with a 5-year warranty.