Interface MK3-USB-C (VE.Bus to USB-C)

Interface MK3-USB-C (VE.Bus to USB-C)

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The Interface MK3-USB-C provides a direct connection between a computer or device with a USB-C port and a VE.Bus Victron product, such as MultiPlus, Quattro, and other inverter/chargers. This interface is essential for configuring, monitoring, updating, and diagnosing VE.Bus products.


  • Connects VE.Bus Victron products to a computer or device with a USB-C port for configuration and diagnostics.
  • Compatible with VictronConnect App, offering a user-friendly tool for system configuration.
  • Suitable for use with a range of Victron products, including MultiPlus, Quattro, EasySolar, and Phoenix Inverters with a VE.Bus port.
  • Requires a straight RJ45 UTP cable - RJ45 Network cable (Ethernet patch or LAN cable) for connection.
  • Provides real-time status information when connected, including the ability to switch the device On/Off/Charger Only.
  • Enables advanced configuration settings and firmware updates.
  • Connection: VE.Bus to USB-C
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems. (Note: iPhone is not supported as it doesn't support OTG connections from USB.)
  • Required for advanced configuration and firmware updates. VE.Bus Smart Dongle cannot access Settings Mode.

The MK3-USB-C can be used to program the following products:

  • Multi
  • MultiGrid
  • MultiPlus
  • Quattro
  • Inverter (only models with a VE.Bus communication port)
  • ECOmulti
  • EasySolar
  • ​EasyPlus

This product comes with a 5-year warranty.